Interested in Beekeeping?


Bar Bell Bee Ranch is a family owned and operated business that has a passion for beekeeping and honey production. Our team is small and works hard, while enjoying the outdoors and the cultivation of a health colony of bees. Working between Northern Minnesota and the Central Valley in California Bar Bell Bee Ranch operates a colony of approximately 1,000 hives. In this role of beekeeper you would have a critical part in the health and wellbeing of bees and the supporting of the local environment. We hope that you have a passion for learning, agriculture and nature. 

If you are interested in this Beekeeping as a profession or hobby, send a summary of your qualifications, or interest to Eileen & Ed Menefee via email at

What you can expect to do as a beekeeper:

Your day-to-day duties may include:

  • Building, inspecting or repairing hives  

  • Introducing a new colony or maintaining an existing one

  • Feeding or checking the health of the bees

  • Monitoring the size of the colony and amount of honey produced

  • Treating the hives and bees to fight disease and pests

  • Collecting honey from hives

  • Grafting, breeding queen bees, smaller starter or ‘nucleus’ bee colonies

  • Participating in the honey extraction process 

  • Help maintain beekeeping equipment and facilities 


  • This individual must not be allergic to bees or bee stings

  • Must be able to lift 60lbs repetitively

  • Must be able to live and work in Northern Minnesota from the months of Mid-April - October 

  • Hard working

  • Reliable

  • Trust worthy

  • Team Player

  • Positive Person

  • Drug Free

  • Non Smoking Individual

It’s a plus, but not mandatory if:

  • You have prior knowledge of beekeeping 

  • You have a valid and current driver’s license 

  • You have a experience operating a forklift 

  • You are willing to travel to California in March to work for approximately 20-25 days

No H2A applicants accepted at this time; must be valid to work in the United States.