Brewed Awakenings - Old Friend, New Owners!

Brewed Awakengins .jpg

Jenny and Mike Erickson took over as the new owners of Brewed Awakenings on June 1, 2018. Both are avid supporters of the arts, and make it a point to continue hosting live music and local artists in the space, that remains a unique and special spot in Grand Rapids since 1996. 

Jenny and Mike committed to continue to use Bar Bell Bee honey in their baked goods and other Recipes as well as keeping it stocked on the retail shelves. 

This isn’s the only thing that makes Brewed Awakenings a friend of the hive; they also support local farmers and have a strong Commitment of the farm to table movement, and that helps the bees in a multitude of ways. 

Thank you Brewed Awakenings; Jenny, Mike and the entire staff, for being a bright spot in Grand Rapids. We appreciate your business and look forward for Brewed awakenings to be a friend of the hive for a long time to come. 

Eileen Menefee