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Our team of bee keepers manage just over nine hundred hives in a colonies of honeybees in and around the Chippewa National Forest of Northern Minnesota. These honeybees produce different varieties of honey depending on the floral and nectar source. The floral and nectar sources the honeybees use to produce delicious honey come from wildflowers and cultivated crops; Bar Bell Bee keepers are able to distinguish the different varieties by the taste and color of the honey, as well as the location of the hives. These varieties include; alfalfa, basswood, buckwheat clover, dandelion, sunflower and wildflower. Bar Bell Bee Ranch is also able to offer California varieties; orange blossom and sage that are purchased from other bee keepers that harvest honey in California.

In mid-to-late summer, once the honeybees have filled their hives, extra honey is extracted from the comb using a centrifuge extractor. Over time some honey naturally crystallizes; this is how Bar Bell Bee retails raw and unprocessed honey, which usually, is crystallized, giving the honey a smooth and creamy texture, almost like butter.  US Grade A processed honey has been filtered and heated, likely what you have in on your counter to put in tea and use for cooking. If processed honey crystallizes, gently heat the honey in warm to hot water until it is liquid again. If you keep processed honey in the freezer, it will not crystallize, and honey, in any form, does not spoil, ever.

Bar Bell Bee honey is locally produced and packaged on the farm in Squaw Lake. The honey is sold direct to customers, farmers markets, retail outlets, wholesale buyers, bakeries, breweries and wineries. You may have seen the honey at the Minnesota State Fair, Land of the Loon, the Blueberry Arts Festival or at the variety of retail outlets around the northland of greater Minnesota. 


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Honey Products

We offer 6 varietals of liquid honey, and up to 5 varietals of raw and unprocessed; Basswood, Buckwheat, Dandelion, Sage, Sunflower, Orange Blossom and Wildflower. All our honey can be purchased in bulk quantities. 


wax products

Buy in bulk or small quantities for your special project. Our filtered, natural bees wax comes straight from the extracting room on the farm. We Also offer a variety of candles in stock and for special order that we showcase at the art fairs and farmers market. 


bees & services

Our bee keepers put together bee starter kits, or commonly known as a NUC; consisting of 5 frames of bees and a queen. These NUCS are developed and grown in California and arrive in Minnesota in early April. Arrange to reserve and pick up your order now, as NUCS sell out every year.