Natural Harvest Food Co-Op


Natural Harvest Food Co-op has been in business since 1976; starting out as a small buying club Natural Harvest quickly grew and opened for business in 1979 with a small retail space of only 600 feet! in 2017 moving to an even larger space on the shores of Silver Lake in Virginia, Minnesota this Food co-op soars over $2million in revenue.

Bar Bell Bee Ranch established their relationship with Natural Harvest Food Co-Op while traveling home from the blueberry Arts Festival, held in Ely, MN. Taking a chance, Eileen and Ed Menefee walked into the Co-Op with a few leftover 5 pound bulk honey jugs, and pitched the product. Even with other honey on the shelf, Bar Bell Bee Ranch quickly grew in popularity, and now is a provider of a variety of honey products. 8 and 5 pounders (raw honey) line the shelves, as well as small 1 pounders and 12 and 16 ounce liquid honey, additionally honey comb and bees wax is offered.

This year Natural Harvest is celebrating 40 years in the Iron Range community, a milestone that any business should be proud of!

Sandy Tardiff, Grocery Manager, hails from SE Michigan. a mother of 2 Sandy been with Natural Harvest since 2007. She is a baker, whipping up cakes from scratch and spending time out in the garden Sandy’s days are filled enjoying the Iron Range. Bar Bell Bee Ranch has worked with Sandy from the beginning, knowing that this growing friendship between Natural Harvest Food Co-Op and the honey is all about the people

Eileen Menefee